Subdivision PROCESS

Before subdividing land in Perth, understand the subdivision process in WA and the steps to subdividing to maximise your opportunity and profit.

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Subdivision PROCESS

Before subdividing land in Perth, understand the subdivision process in WA and the steps to subdividing to maximise your opportunity and profit.

We are WA’s foremost subdivision project managers. Our goal is to ensure that your subdivision project is completed as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Utilise our experienced team and our streamlined contractor implementation processes to save on civil works and renovations, and maximise your subdivision returns by ensuring your development goals line up with what the market is paying the most for.

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What We Do


Analyse the most profitable subdivision strategy for your block.


Drafting and producing potential lot layouts.


Submit and collect relevant local and state government approvals.


Implement all required civil and statutory works required for new titles.


Run feasibility forecasts on profitability of construction.


Manage construction program, if required.


The subdivision process in WA is slightly different when compared to other states, in which applications for subdivision or land development are processed and administered by the WA Planning Commission (WAPC), rather than by local councils.

Local councils are involved and consulted in this process, but instead they administer applications for planning approvals such as the dwelling construction. This is important when understanding how to subdivide land in WA, particularly when also considering building.

Despite the subdivision and construction on a site being administered by different bodies in WA, they can either be completed at the same time or staged. For those being completed at the same time, there are obvious time saving benefits, but it is vital that both processes are managed effectively to avoid problems causing delays or issues upon completion.

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The Beginner's Guide To Subdivision

From getting your finances in order to applying for titles and building, Property Subdivision is a lengthy and intensive process. This eBook walks you through each stage step-by-step and add insightful comments so you can understand the pressure points, key decisions and cost factors that will impact your journey.


There are a few ways to subdivide and the most common is where an existing dwelling is retained and a new title of land is created directly behind, with a driveway running down the side of the property. This type of subdivision is commonly known as a Battle Axe Block.

Corner sites provide great opportunities for subdivision because of the street access, be it a duplex, triplex or more.

There are also occasions in which a retain and build can be completed to one side of an existing house, however its rare given Perth blocks are typically narrowest at the street-front.

Is your block big enough to subdivide?

The first step when considering a subdivision in Perth is to assess the property to determine what the zoning is. By checking with the local council, they can advise the relevant residential design code (commonly referred to as R-Code), and what the average and minimum lot size requirements are.

This will help you work out what you wanted to do with theland, whether to retain an existing dwelling on part of the property ordemolish to start a new and maximise the available space.

Zoning density understandably increases nearer to main roadswith bus routes or train stations and also within proximity of centralcommunity points such as shopping centres.

The local council will also be able to provide a Townplanning scheme, outlining any development restrictions and conditions that maybe imposed, which can be quite in depth and difficult to navigate.

WHat are the different types of subdivision?

There are three different types of subdivision in Perth that are relevant to the small scale investor. Each have their pros and cons and can be categorized as one of the following:

Subdivide land in Perth

Green Title

Involves land with multiple properties that have no common areas needing to be shared. These are typically the most expensive subdivision and have the slowest turnaround time.

Perth subdivision plans and costs

Survey Strata

Often used in small developments, where properties share services such as sewer, power and water. Costs vary based on the project and can take between 6 to 18 months.

Built Strata

Can be the easiest way to subdivide a block but relies on having the buildings completed before boundary lines are drawn. It requires the developer to fund the build upfront.


The subdivision process can take between 7 and 18 months in WA and having an experienced subdivision consultant assisting with applications and approvals will ensure your project is progressing as quickly as possible, whilst maximising your opportunity. This timeline can increase due to a number of factors including:

The actual time it takes to complete the subdivision process is relatively minor but what takes most of the time are the processes involved with the applications and dealing with the statutory bodies involved in the subdivision process.

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