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Before subdividing land in Perth, understand the subdivision process in WA and the steps to subdividing to maximise your opportunity and profit.

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property investment

Partner with our experienced Perth property investment team to increase your profits when purchasing and building an investment property.

We are WA’s foremost subdivision project managers. Our goal is to ensure that your subdivision project is completed as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Utilise our experienced team and our streamlined contractor implementation processes to save on civil works and renovations, and maximise your subdivision returns by ensuring your development goals line up with what the market is paying the most for.

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What We Do


Analyse the most profitable subdivision strategy for your block.


Drafting and producing potential lot layouts.


Submit and collect relevant local and state government approvals.


Implement all required civil and statutory works required for new titles.


Run feasibility forecasts on profitability of construction.


Manage construction program, if required.

The Benefits of Property Investment

There are many reasons why investing in property continues to be a popular choice and is often seen as one of the best ways to invest money in Australia. However, mistakes can be costly, so it’s always a good idea to think about why you’re investing in the first place, and whether it fits with your circumstances and financial objectives. Some of the key benefits of purchasing an investment property include:

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The 1st Time Investor Checklist

Stay on track with your first property investment with this 10-page 1st Time Investor Checklist. Learn where to start, what your opportunities and risks are and how to make the most of your savings through property investment.

What to Consider when buying an investment property

Unlike buying a property to live in, buying an investment property is done with the clear intention of making money, largely via rental income. Consider that some things that might be important when looking to buy a home might not be as important for an investment property, such as its proximity to your work or being within particular school zoning.

Identify your financial objectives and research the property market to decide on how to get into the investment property market. Where and what you buy will affect your return on investment.

Where to buy

What to buy

Costs of Investing in property

Purchasing and managing an investment property can be costly and will affect your overall return.

Borrowing money to buy

If you borrow to invest, you will have to pay the property mortgage. You should not invest relying entirely on rental income covering the mortgage interest, as there may be times when your property is empty.

Many people buy investment property with interest-only loans but it is important to understand that the interest-only period will end after a certain time. When this takes place, your repayments will increase to pay the amount borrowed, as well as the interest. Using a trusted mortgage broker will allow you to find the right loan and rate.

Costs of owning an investment property

Ongoing costs of investment properties include:

What does a property investment advisor do?

A property investment advisor lays the foundation for your investment. So, whether you are setting yourself to purchase your first property or building your portfolio, an experienced property advisor can save you time and help you to find the property that matches your investment goals.

Your Strategic Property investment advisor will importantly; assist in developing your investment strategy, research and source properties to fit your strategy, facilitate the purchase and be there for personal advice and assistance both pre and post purchase. We specialise in finding profitable property investment opportunities including potential for subdividing, new developments, or property investment syndicates.

Benefits of using a property investment advisor

The most compelling reason to consult an advisor before buying property is the simple fact that it is a significant investment and one that you are expecting to make you money.

You don’t have to work with a property advisor, but buying and managing an investment property without help takes a significant amount of time and research. By relying on specialised expertise, with local knowledge and historical data, you’re better positioned to get the most out of your investment and avoid making mistakes that could prove costly - literally, or opportunistically.

By discussing and refining your investment goals with a property investment advisor, you can significantly reduce the time you spend and find options that match your investment goals.

Get to know us

Trent Fleskens is the Managing Director of Strategic Property Group and one of WA's leading property advisors, offering unparalleled expertise in purchasing, investing and developing Perth properties.  

As Perth's most experienced Perth subdivision consultant, he applies his understanding of the property market to every project to ensure profitability.

Trent is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Licensed Settlement Agent, and Qualified Property Investment Advisor.

Where have you seen Trent before?

Trent is a regular real estate commentator on 7News, 9 News, 6PR and The West Australian, as well as hosting The Perth Property Show - Perth's leading property podcast.

Why choose Strategic as your property investment advisor

Strategic have extensive experience in property investment advice and strategy simply because we live and breathe it. We help people from all backgrounds and budgets, and whether you are in the market for an apartment, a larger investment property or one of the many options in between.

Our offering extends to include a wide range of professional services that can be engaged during your process including; mortgage broking, property management, subdivision consultancy and management, buyer’s and settlement agency.

To be successful in today’s environment, do not work with someone who offers a one-size-fits-all strategy. You’ll need a team on your side providing specialised Perth-centric advice, and that’s exactly what Strategic provide.

My first interstate property purchase and I am glad I went with Strategic Property Group for both conveyancing and property management. All the staff I have dealt with have been very polite, friendly and genuinely customer focused even during the busy period throughout Christmas and New Year. I have no hesitation recommending the team to anyone. Thank you so much! and look forward to continuing to work together.
- Tim

My partner and I recently had the pleasure of working with Emma from Strategic Property Group to secure our new rental. With the house being recently built, Emma has been so accommodating of us and our numerous questions about the house being finished. We are looking forward to our tenancy with such wonderful support.
- Phoebe

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Trent Fleskens, Director of Strategic Property Group

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