Introduction to Property Development & Subdivision in Western Australia

Introduction to Property Development & Subdivision in Western Australia

Subdivisions are the #1 investment option for Perth investors ready to quickly multiply their retirement fund and generate wealth.

Subdivision expert and 9 News Perth and 6PR property commentator, Trent Fleskens, will walk you through, step by step, how to maximise earning potential and avoid the pitfalls that can slow you down.

Learn the pitfalls of subdividing and which subdivisions can make a profit.

This is a must-attend webinar for anyone thinking about developing in WA in the next few years. Before you take on a property development project, watch this webinar to learn the fundamentals and take your first step to creating your property portfolio.

This webinar includes a live Q&A to get your questions answered by WA's leading small-scale development expert and advance your position in the market.

What You'll Learn
More Information on Perth Subdivisions
Subdivision in PerthThe Subdivision ProcessSubdivision Costs

About Trent Fleskens

Subdivisions Perth Trent Fleskens

Trent is one of WA's leading property advisors and offers unparalleled expertise in purchasing, investing and developing Perth properties. He is a regular real estate commentator on:

The Managing Director of Strategic Property Group, Trent is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Licensed Settlement Agent, and Qualified Property Investment Advisor.

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Trent Fleskens, Director of Strategic Property Group

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