post-covid property market update: WA Investor’s Survival Guide

post-covid property market update: WA Investor’s Survival Guide

A new webinar to discuss how the market has changed post-COVID and where the opportunities are.

Now we know how the Perth property market is reacting, learn how, when, and where you can invest to profit.

Don’t sit idly by as other investors capitalise on the property investment opportunities created by the coronavirus pandemic and government building grants.

This free webinar discusses the impact that COVID-19 has had on the Perth market and the strategies you can use to expand your portfolio prudently.  

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About Trent Fleskens

Subdivisions Perth Trent Fleskens

Trent is one of WA's leading property advisors and offers unparalleled expertise in purchasing, investing and developing Perth properties. He is a regular real estate commentator on:

The Managing Director of Strategic Property Group, Trent is a Licensed Real Estate Agent, Licensed Settlement Agent, and Qualified Property Investment Advisor.

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