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Project Progress

Engagement Letters Signed

Thank you for engaging us to assist you with your property investment endeavours.


Thank you for initiating Stage 1 of our Scope of Works. We will now commence searching for properties on the market that suit your goals and financial capacity, as previously confirmed with the lender. This stage may take from 1 day up to 3 months and depends entirely on the availability of profitable projects on the market within the scope of your goals and financial capacity. When we find a property we believe suits your needs, we will provide you with a Property Investment Report for your timely perusal and direction. We will then assist with negotiating the purchase of this property.


Congratulations on securing the property and thank you for activating Stage 2 of our Scope of Works. This stage will see us working with the surveyor to provide a feature & contour survey and create the most profitable subdivision design to suit your needs. From here, a survey-strata application will be made to the WAPC, who will have 90 days to return their conditional approval.


Congratulations on receiving conditional approval for subdivision and thank you for activating Stage 3 of the Scope of Works. We will now commence undertaking all of the work required to fulfil the conditions outlined in the conditional approval letter. Once fulfilled, we will seek clearance from all of the stakeholders involved.


Congratulations on receiving formal clearance from all stakeholders and thank you for activating Stage 4 of the Scope of Works. We will now commence applying for formal clearance with WAPC and new titles with Landgate. If you have a mortgage against this property, we will also assist with seeking consent from the lender.

Subdivision Complete

Your subdivision is formally completed and you now have new titles. We thank you for trusting in Strategic Property Group to complete your subdivision!

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Invitation To Design

Now that we have the site survey completed, we have sent the subdivision plan and a tailored Invitation To Design to 3 builders. These three builders will return in the next 2-3 weeks with a design that they believe will result in the most valuable homes within the budget we have given them.

Builder Quoting

Now that we have decided on the two favourite designs, we have instructed the successful builders to return with their most competitive quotes. Once received, we will negotiate further with both parties until our desired outcome is achieved.

Preliminary Contracts

Congratulations on selecting your builder! Preliminary plans have now been signed, and the builder will now commence submitting the Development Application with the local council. This process can take up to 3 months.

Final Contract Signed

The builder has received formal approval for the Development Application. Formal Contracts have been provided to you for signing. At this stage, we will also be seeking finance approval from your lender, and seeking new valuations for the land component of the development.


Your pre-start consultation is one of the most exciting moments in the building process. You will be introduced to your pre-start consultant, who will guide you through your selections over light refreshments. You will have a chance to review your final plans. Your choices at pre-start will put the final touches on your dream home.

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Siteworks is the beginning of your construction journey and describes all the work required on your site to prepare it for your new home to be built. This involves clearing the land, leveling, installing retaining walls if needed, surveying and pegging out where your home is to be placed. Once all these preparations are complete, your slab is ready to be laid.

Slab Down

Slab Down Confirmed means the slab for your new home has been installed and inspected by a construction supervisor to ensure it meets our high quality standards. At this stage a termite spray and any pre-lays required (eg: plumbing under the slab) will also be carried out. Now we will arrange the delivery of any materials required for the bricklayer to begin constructing the walls of your new home.


All materials required to construct the walls of your home have been delivered to the site and the bricklayer can now commence constructing the walls up to 'Plate Height'. The length of time this takes varies depending on the size of your home and the weather conditions. Once the bricklayer has completed their work, the roof timber will be delivered to site in preparation for the roof carpenter to begin installing the roof frame.

Roof Cover

The Roof Cover stage involves completing the installation of the roof frame. Once this is complete we can install the metal roof cover. As part of this stage your gutters and downpipes may also be installed.


During the Ceiling stage we will complete all internal plastering, external rendering where required and install the ceilings. Now your new home is really starting to take shape and we can start preparing for lockup where all the doors and windows are installed.

Lock Up Confirmed

Lock Up Confirmed means all external doors and windows are in and functioning so your new home is now lockable. This enables us to start delivering the internal fittings ready for installation. After lock up the kitchen cabinets and internal doors will be installed and any tiles will be delivered to site.

Ceramic Tiler

At this stage your kitchen cabinets and sanitary fixings will be installed and tiling will commence. Once tiling is complete we can proceed with the finishing items to ensure your new home is ready for you.

Electrical Final

Nearly there! Electrical Final refers to the installation of plugs, lights, switches, appliances and any other electrical elements. At the same time we will be completing the plumbing and gas finals which involves the commissioning of all the drains, gas outlets and taps. At the completion this stage your house will be in full working order.

Painter - Gloss

Now we just need to paint your home! If you are having carpets or any other finishings these will be installed after the painting is complete.

Practical Completion Inspection

Practical Completion Inspection is when you have the opportunity to walk through your new home with the supervisor and discuss any items prior to handover.


The house is yours!

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